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with DaVinci Resolve

Weekdays | Weekends
6 Group Sessions + 2 One-on-One Sessions


Session 1 | Fundementals

  • Introduction to Editing Concepts

  • Narrating the story through editing

  • Visual vs Technical Editing

Session 2 | Configuring Projects

  • Editing Softwares

  • Content Formats, Resolutions

  • Bit Rates everything technical

  • Data Management

Session 3 | Video Editing

  • Understanding the Timeline

  • Visual Editing

Session 4 | Audio Editing

  • Audio Track Laying

  • Audio Editing

  • Audio Mixing

Sessions 5 | Color Science & Grading

  • Understanding Color Science and Space

  • Color Spectrum

  • Basic Color Grading

Session 6 | Chroma Key & VFX

  • Basic VFX and Chroma Keying

  • Subtitles

  • Delivering the Master

One-on-One sessions will be based on individual aptitude of the participant and dates once confirmed will not be changed

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