Based on a

True Story

In the 1971 India Pakistan War, the Pakistanis took 16 IAF Pilots as POWs.

One of them Flight Lieutenant Dilip Parulkar decided to make it the adventure of a lifetime, inspiring two more POW Pilots Flight Lieutenant MS Grewal and Flight Lieutenant Harish Sinhji to partake with him in the most outrageous prison break in the history of the Indian Defense Services.

This is the story of Dilip who was destined to fly.

A man whom life could not hold down.

A man of free spirit and adventure.

The only Pilot in the history of the IAF to have survived 3 ejections.

A man who declared to his CO 3 years before the war ‘We fight in deep enemy territory and one bullet can cripple your aircraft and if I ever become a POW I will escape...’


Super Crew

His conviction – ‘The war is not over until you are back home’ and his zeal and determination to achieve the impossible makes him a real life hero that one rarely comes across.

From his early years of flying paper planes to his passion of flying fighter aircraft for the Indian Air Force. He never gives up

Yet destiny plays an important role in his life... From the loss of his uncle whom he loves to the adventure of being a prisoner in hostile enemy territory. His spirit of adventure and freedom never extinguishes

His mother could not hold him back. His enemies cannot hold him back and now the final test - Can the reluctance of his peers who are fellow POWs hold him back

A man meant to fly spreading his wings in the sky with the world below him now confined to a single place

Will he escape and at what cost. Will his peers be a hurdle or will they prove to be powerful allies

Does the nation he fought honorable for truly deserve to call him a son of the land or does national interest and political interference come in the way of freedom

Can anyone hold him down and expect to take away his freedom

This is his journey where friends turn allies and non-believers become believers

He was not born to spend his life behind any four walls. The sky is his limit and he is willing to sacrifice it all for the life he chose since he was a child.

Conflicts of national interest, personal and emotional interest come into play and yet the question remains... will he survive?

Will he ever return back to his country? Or will he give up trying 

¬From bombing the Radar Station near Lahore…

¬To the months of solitary planning in Rawalpindi POW Camp…

¬Through the Khyber Pass onto the Torkham, the Afghan – Pak Border

This is Dilip’s story of

Inspiration..   Bravery…   Adventure…

And above all a story of never giving up...

The only person to have escaped from a POW Camp in the history of the Defense Services


the Super Crew

Director / Editor

Taranjiet Singh Namdhari

Born in 1971 at Hyderabad-India, Taranjiet Singh Namdhari specialized in Direction and Editing during his Post Graduation Mass Communication studies at the University of Hyderabad. His Graduation Film “Nafs” won a Certificate of Merit at the Santa Fe, New Mexico International Film Festival in 1995

He started his career as an Editor and Visual Effects Artist on the Henry and Avid with Western Outdoor Advertising, Mumbai, one of India’s leading Post Production facilities. He worked there between the years 1995-1998 and was involved in the Creative and Visual Styling for more than 500 Commercials and several Television Shows and Television Packaging

Between the years 1997-2004 he worked on various Feature Films (Dil to Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Mohabbatein, Moksh, Dil ka Rishta, Asambhav etc) for Production houses like Yash Raj Films, Dharma Productions, Rajshri Music, Trimurti Films etc in various capacities as Associate Director, Editor and VFX Director.

One of the first Non Linear Editor and VFX Director in the country he is amongst the pioneers of VFX, Digital Film Intermediate process and Digital Filming Technology in India.

He subsequently started working independently from the year 2004 and has Directed and visually styled the launch of the Marathi TV Channel – Tara Marathi. The opening sequences of the popular TV Series "Khatron Ke Khiladi - Tiguna" featuring Priyanka Chopra, "Bigg Boss" featuring Salman Khan and "Zor Ka Jhatka" featuring Shahrukh Khan for Endemol India.

He has also Produced, Directed and Edited several internationally acclaimed and awarded documentaries on the life and times of His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji (Sarab Kala SamrathRoop Rab Da, Atal Pratapi etc)

He also Edited and Directed "Dhoori Ais Dharti Di - Sri Bhaini Sahib" (We bow to thee Motherland) a historical travelogue documentary on Sri Bhaini Sahib, tracing its origin from 1857 to 2010. The travelogue was awarded by the IDPA with the GOLD for BEST EDITING ADVERTISING CORPORATE and the SILVER for the BEST CG-EFX FILM CORPORATE

He has also Produced and Directed several awarded short films like The Crash (BEST ACTOR AWARD MALE 48HFP Mumbai), A Memorable Journey  (BEST FILM SECOND RUNNER UP – Mahindra XUV 5OO Memorable Stories Festival), a Web Comedy Series “Kholi No 420” for the YouTube Comedy Week.

He has also Edited and Directed an English language film It Could Be You, starring Naseeruddin Shah and Kirron Kher.

In 2014 he Edited and Directed the prestigious project ‘The Musical Diaries – Raag Ratnavali’ wherein 65 Short Musical Diaries (Documentaries) were produced tracing the history and the musical compositions of HH Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

He is currently working on a Feature Film narrating the adventurous story of Retd Group Capt Dilip Parulkar, VM, VSM – the only person to have escaped from a POW camp in the history of the Indian Defense Services.

He lives with his wife and son in Mumbai, India and is the Creative Director of his production company KIK BUTT ENTERTAINMENT